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tv   [untitled]    April 19, 2014 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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muni for seniors, persons with disability, to age 18. to my mind those are the highest priority. my personal highest priority is to see that happen. and i think the next one would be service increases. that's across the board to benefit everybody. but to my mind, the needs of the low-income persons with disabilities and seniors comes first in this case. there are two other proposals in there, the fleet cleaning additions which is great and needed, but i think that could be low priority. and also the recommendation on eliminating surcharges on payments [speaker not understood]. that to my mind is the least important of these to deal with. and, so, i'm asking for staff -- i'm suggesting we ask the staff, none of us has any authority outside the board as a whole -- establish free muni for youth as a permanent program and redefine youth to
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include 18 year olds effective january. we have a motion on that one coming up here shortly. but to do that, how we can do it, to make the people in the pilot it ha been successful. [speaker not understood] we ought to be proud of it for sure. in addition i'd like to ask that we extend the premium to students, christin a director reiskin is going to talk about that as soon as possible. and then i would ask that we foresee, coming in may with an equity analysis of the entire system. is that correct, director reiskin? >> that's correct. >> we're on the right track. we're really trying to help the people who need it most. as i said, muni is for everybody, but especially for people who need it most. increase in paratransit cost. and i see that this impossibility department of aging services could make that up to the nonprofits. so, that would be helpful as well. so, as i see it, these things,
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[speaker not understood] and happy to hear other director. director reiskin? >> i'm not sure i understood one part when you said something about extending to 18 year olds in january. is that the -- >> yes. >> okay. >> there is going to be an amendment on that shortly. in addition to all the things we needed to do for moral reasons and everything, i fully support all of those, we do have a fiduciary responsibility. we shim mr. have to take care of the agency, take care of the city as a whole, the individuals of the community [speaker not understood]. that's where i stand at the moment and happy to hear other directors. director [speaker not understood] -- >> yes. i put forward the amendment we include 18 year olds in the language. now, let me confirm this.
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because of [speaker not understood] limitations we can't include the 18 year olds until november because of the clipper card limitation. and this amendment will do a couple of things to the budget. so, i need to change the way we're going to do this. first, we need the title 6 analysis to be a medved to reflect that change and then be brought back to us at a subsequent board meeting, at our next board meeting. so, that can happen, we need to do that. i need to withdraw the amendment so we don't delay the budget. and with member consent ask mr. reiskin to make a technical adjustment to the budget which is within his authority to do to include 18 year olds. so, again, we're going to include the 18 year olded as we had discussed, but it's not going to happen -- it's going to happen as a technical adjustment to this budget which mr. reiskin will do. >> withdraw the motion in >> i withdraw the motion. >> i'll second. >> okay. it's withdrawn. and then can we have member consent to ask mr. reiskin to
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make a technical adjustment to the budget to include 18 year olds. >> okay. >> thank you. (applause) >> i'd like to go back to one other thing. director reiskin need -- seniors and persons with disabilities, i'd like to ask the voters, we start the process immediately. how with are we going to do that? nothing is easy in an organization this big. i would like to see it possibly available -- when we figure out how to do it and implement it, because that can be much earlier than next year. this year or beginning of next year. so, to my mind, these projects -- and not a question of if, it's really a question of when. we're trying to do it the most responsible way we possibly can. [speaker not understood]. >> and i also want to talk about the sunday parking meters because i know we had a lot of comments on this and this really is -- it's an issue that has been talked about a lot, but i know people on this board
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have struggled with. and i know staff has struggled with. as you remember in his state of the city address, mayor lee asked [speaker not understood] to repeal sunday parking meters. i don't want anyone to think this has been a quick or easy decision for myself or probably not for anybody on this board really. a lot of work fiending a compromise around parking meter. we he haven't found a workable compromise so i'm going to support repealing sunday meters at this point. i know mayor lee has some of the best political minds in the city working with him in his office and i know he is very focused, they are very focused helping to solve our transportation funding issues. it's vital that we figure out what our revenue stream is going to be going forward and it sounds like the mayor's office is certain that this is going to help us in november, that this is going to help us gain support for our ballot measures. so, i'm also calling on the
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mayor's office to work with the mta board around education and community involvement in san francisco's parking problem. i feel we need to step back and find a way to work with our communities to really explain the reasons behind and the need for progressive parking management such as sf park, such as sunday meters, such as evening meters. i would also like with member consent with outreach staff to develop a [speaker not understood] for the merchant groups. i know we will hear p from merchant groups to repeal the sunday meters. they say it helps business on sunday. we need to be able to engage with them ~ and help address the issues that we know are going to arise when we repeal these sunday meters. and then additionally, again with member concept, i'd like to ask that the mta look into conducting a license plate study for sundays in the metered areas. because of all the great data we know the what around sunday
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parking. we no what it's doing. the know the number of car parking. we know the citations, but we don't know the who. let's figure out the who so we know better the idea of who it affects on sunday and who we really need to engage if we need to. so, with member consent, those two. >> okay with that? okay. how are you, director lee? >> well, i want to thank the public for coming out and reminding us why we're up here. it's been a real tough course working on this budget and trying to find some compromises. pimento in favor of movingedth free muni for youth including 18 year olds. i do support muni free muni for low-income seniors with people with low-income and disabilities. i do want to see what director reiskin comes up in fern of a funding process.
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in terms of sunday meters, currently i'm not a real big fan of the program. that's why i agree with repealing the program. maybe when we come back do it, we might want to somehow do it like we do the residential program where if you get 51% of the merchants that want it, then they're asking us to put it in, and maybe look at it that way. but other than that, i'm willing to go along with the chair. >> [speaker not understood]. >> thank you, chairman nolan. i want to thank everyone who has come out to be and been part of the conversation. it's been a long and hard and heavy one. i think that we are moving in the right direction. i'm going to go ahead and support the motion. i think that it was always our intent to get 18 year olds included. i think it was more of a glitch why they burnt. if someone turned 18 while they were in high school it would have been very impactful for me.
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~ it will be impactful for those of you who have been turning 18 or will in the future while you're still in school. so, we do need to address that. ~ why they weren't with regard to that and the expansion of the program with free muni for seniors and people with disabilities, i think that it's been made clear for -- that this board does have that as a priority. just like it was made clear that this board made it a priority to get the free muni for low-income youth. the only way that we were able to do the free muni for low-income youth, however, was because we found a source of revenue to be able to do it. we can't just say there is money and it's there. the reality of it is every penny is accounted for and we need to find a new source of revenue and need to rejiger the way we do our operations so that we can make revenue available to be able to apply for these revenues to go toward something like free muni for people with disabilities and/or
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seniors. we are all supportive of it. we just need to be able to get the money to do it. which brings me to the sunday meters. i think that frankly that could have been a vehicle to be able to fund something like this, but it's clear that we don't have a majority support for this. i think that people who are smart about transit and understand the impact that that has on our system and the capacity to generate revenues understand that connection. but we have failed frankly to convince the great majority of people [speaker not understood] matty ross and the papers and the general sentiment that it is a negative one. and, so, we have to stake a few steps back so that we could win in november and jump forward, really take a leap forward. and reevaluate how we approach better parking management in the future so that we can find a revenue stream to be able to do all these thing that we clear want to do which is fund
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moon i who have earned it in the community and went specifically speaking about seniors and people that we need and we should all be obligate today provide for which is people who have disabilities in our community. so, i'll stop there and thank the staff for all of their dedication. i know that this is going to be hard to hear for a lot of people who worked very hard on this, but i would encourage people to keep at it and recognize that we have done so much in this city. there isn't enough city that i'm aware of that has gotten [speaker not understood]. there isn't enough city that has been able to put as much bicycle infrastructure as we put in, transit lanes, proof of policies na allow for buses to be able to move a whole lot faster to deliver service in a more reliable and efficient manner. i believe that we are moving in the right direction and we got a little ahead of ourselves. win in november and [speaker not understood]. thank you for your indulgence
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at this time. >> thank you, [speaker not understood]. director rubke? >> again, good comments from everyone and thanks to the public for really articulating wonderful comments. these are hard decisions obviously. i wanted to throw in one idea and i don't know if this delay it, but there what mention, focus, helping the role of the community out therethv the 150 transition students from unified school district that are not in the free muni program. i mean, that just seems like such a small budget item considering it's limited to 150 people. could we do that as part of this? is there support for that? >> i would be supportive. >> so, on that point, we did reach out to the school district to start to get some information on that. we didn't have enough to kind of complete that. but as you say in term of
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fiscal impact, we'll work with the school district on the expansion to 18. we will reach out and connect with the right folks to manage that program to see what it would take to do that program. it's a very small amount of people so i imagine we would be able to accommodate that. so, if that's the direction from the board i'd be happy -- >> thank you for the your leadership. i feel the same way. with a small investment we can do wonders helping improve people's lives. >> i really appreciate the prioritization [speaker not understood]. as soon as we can do that would be excellent. i want to do it today, but i understand our responsibility is for, you know, the fiscal stability of this agency. and on that note, i really do think that the sunday meter thing, i think it's a mistake right now to do what we're going to do. but i support the budget overall. i have respect for the people involved in making these decisions and their experience so, i will support this budget. >> thank you. we can go back to the amendment
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that i proposed at the beginning of the meeting which essentially asked for a delay of both the proposed september 2014 increase to the discount senior disabled and youth cash fare and monthly pass until july 1st, 2015. propose 2016 fares would take effect. [speaker not understood] fees signs to reflect this sign, we have a motion and a second. any further discussion on this one? if not all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> if not, the ayes have it. >> mr. chair, if i may. one small thing that i want to note that i think a change would be appropriate and consistent with the remarks you made earlier. it's an error that i found on page 14 of the staff report. about halfway down the page there is a resolved clause that speaks to the continuation of the free muni for low and
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moderate income youth. and the various editing and iterations it was our intent to remove the phrase "as a pilot program" which, again, is consistent with what you said earlier. somehow the words got back in here. so, i would suggest for your consideration an amendment to strike those four words. it's the sixth resolved clause down the page. i would at the same time want to echo the recognition of the staff [speaker not understood] staff, but really the senior team, many folk throughout the agency worked really hard on this as well as folks from the city attorney's office. john kennedy was the chief drafter, but with mr. mayor's guidance and leadership, there were a lot of people who worked really hard together. i took responsibility for this without having read it
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carefully enough. >> the second, can that be done, a clerical correction [speaker not understood]? >> we might as well do it officially. a motion to strike the word "pilot project" from the sixth paragraph of the clause. >> is there a second for that? he >> second. >> discussion? all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> [speaker not understood]. on the whole, the entire budget for the next two years. what i was trying to say earlier, not sure how successfully, i would say my number one priority of this new budget going forward is definitely extend free muni to low-income seniors and persons with disabilities. it is an enormous need and i think it would be a great thing. there is a moral imperative here. so, i hope, mr. reiskin, that we can begin planning for this as soon as possible. i understand the budget has to go to the board of supervisors yet. things could change there, too. but presumably start planning
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for this as soon as we can. clipper card changes and those things that have to be worked out. but if members agree with that, i'd like to see it. >> yes. >> so, i also said earlier it's not a question of if these thing are going to happen, it's when. in my mind this ought to be number one as soon as we possibly can do it even before the end of the year if at all possible. okay. we need a motion on the book aboutxctiontionvthv. >> motion to approve. >> is there a second? >> further discussion? all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> opposed no. [speaker not understood]. thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. we have a couple other items to deal with this afternoon. ~ >> mr. chairman, you are going back now to item 9, general public comment. you will return to new [speaker not understood] director's report before you go into closed session. >> okay. >> so, item 9, public comment. this is an opportunity for members of the public to address the board on matters that are within the jurisdiction and not on today's agenda.
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is jackie bryson still here? no. jean green, is she here? howard strassner? mr. strassner here? no. barry toronto followed by [speaker not understood] mahmoud. >> barry is here? >> barry is here. >> mr. toronto. hi, good afternoon, chair nolan, fellow directors. today is a special day for a lot of people who observe the jewish religion. i really shouldn't be here. but before i go to my seder first i need to say some things. first i need say something positive about flywheel. to counteract it. flywheel is what we have now. most part, the passengers love it and i love it when the passengers use it right because i have had nothing but positive experiences. so, the first good thing is better than swear and better than bear phone, they pay us right away. i give rides that night.
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by noon the next day, money is in my checking account, all there. the next good thing is that they are very good at now communicating better with the drivers. so, it's getting improving and i'm hoping with this message to them that they will want to really work with us because the technology is needed. it's needed. we wanted it years ago. i wanted it years ago. unfortunately at yesterday's committee meeting, supervisor wiener who i don't agree with a lot of things, but he did say the cab companies try and get new technology and it is here to stay. the problem is the tnc's are operating dangerously, as chris hayashi said previously at a board of supervisors meeting, there are many out there taking our cab stands, they're taking our cab stands, double and
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triple parking in some cases quadruple parking. the bus zones, i've called dpt at night to complain about parking in bus zones wait being for their passenger. not appropriate. this isn't the castro. so, i urge you to help work out this with the tncs. and also the fact is this is late night transportation issue that was discussed yesterday. you ought to look into it about providing better transportation for late night workers. thank you. >> thank you. >> happy passover. thank you. >> teddy [speaker not understood]. >> mr. mahmoud. good afternoon, directors. i don't want to borethtion you, but things gone wrong again. in yellow cab we decide new year's night who will go first. all the drivers get together, the ones who want to go midnight, we give our car to one person and he shuttles and creates a lottery.
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and then the number are posted on the wall and people go according to that. this time the person who was doing lottery, he he never did it before. unfortunately he was a [speaker not understood] person. he did a lottery in a way that was not a lottery. he took the lot inside and decided instead of one minute machine tips and 65 card, he took ten-minute, 12 minutes and he put the list how the people will go. that's fine, we accept it. when the people started going out we reached number 24, he saw another white person 42 number. he called them, gave him the cab, sent him out. midnight, why you do that? he said, i can do anything i like. [speaker not understood]. thing moving on. 32, he saw the guy who was on the last number 65 happened to be white. he met him on the side door, came back, within a second he called him, sent him out.
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we said, why did you do that? he said, five, six times, loudly and repeatedly, i can do whatever i like it. and he did it. then we went to management gave them an e-mail. we are going from one white to another white to another white with a general manager, jim gillespie. what answer he gave me after 7 days? you're full of sheet. i don't care what he did. i'll fire you. you are looking at drivers to stay in this industry? no. this matter will keep going further from here on and the driver will keep going to over [speaker not understood]. please look into it. thank you. >> thank you, mr. mahmoud. anyone else to address the board in public comment? seeing none, unfinished business? >> new and unfinished business. >> if anybody has any. do you? you're certainly welcome to give some if you have some. [laughter] >> how about the director's
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report? >> just two really quick things. i'll do one quick thing. october 15th the board authorized gate fees by $9.75 per shift. but the way the effective date of the increase by six months due to the current distressed state of the taxi industry, you recall we increased the gate. but you authorized the delay. the gate fee increases were set to take effect today, april 15, 2014. as you know, the companies are still not in a position to increase gate fees because of the shortage of taxi drivers. in fact, many have actually decreased gate fees in order to attract drivers. so, i wanted to let you know we will implement [speaker not understood] more gate fees until the situation changes. so, wanted to let you know that since today was the day the increase was supposed to go into effect.
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>> okay. next item, ms. boomer. >> mr. chairman, it will be appropriate for discussion as to the closed session. permission to have a closed session. >> discussion? all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> [speaker not understood]. okay, we will begin the closed session right now. >> the mta board of directors met in closed session to discuss labor negotiations but took no action. there was no discussion of anticipated lit glinting. item 14 it would be a appropriate to disclose or not disclose not to discuss. >> move ton disclose. >> second? >> steadctiontion. >> say aye? >> aye. >> we are adjourned. thank you very much. >> ~ [adjourned]
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